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The TANGO study is an exciting project, which aims to create a large international network of centers to study glomerular disease (GN) recurrence after renal transplantation.

The GENIE study will evaluate the effectiveness of a dietary change (removal of gluten and dairy products from the diet) in patients with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome.

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Kidney Transplantation iBook

Ready to Revolutionize Transplant Teaching.

  • More than 200 original figures displayed in high-resolution, including graphs and illustrations. You may use the figures to review topics or for teaching during rounds.
  • The pathology chapter discusses the optimal approach in interpreting kidney transplant biopsies and illustrates common findings in different etiologies of graft dysfunction, including cellular/humoral rejection, drug toxicity and recurrent glomerular diseases.
  • Many now consider the kidney ultrasound the stethoscope of the nephrologist. You will have access to ultrasound images and photos illustrating how to perform and interpret a kidney transplant ultrasound. Images of common kidney allograft abnormalities are depicted.
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