Areas of Expertise

We use cutting-edge technology to break down frontiers.

Immune Regulation

Using cutting edge technologies, murine and humanized transplant models, we study the mechanisms involved in the regulation of the immune system including the PD1, CTLA4 and Notch pathways (Few reviews here: Am J Transp, TranspCurr Opin Organ Transp). Our long-term goals are to develop novel therapeutic targets that would help control the immune system.

Nutrition and Immune System

The diet has an enormous impact in our microbiota and immune system (our review on the Journal of Clinical Investigation). Our group investigates the complementary role of certain dietary changes in regulating auto-immune diseases (GENIE study) and the rejection process post-transplantation (JASN).

Personalized Medicine

Using a unique biobank of human transplant samples in our center, we investigate individual patients’ genetics, clinical characteristics, blood and urine biomarkers to personalize the care of kidney and transplanted patients (JCI Insight). In particular, we are leading a multicenter study looking a glomerular disease recurrence after transplantation (TANGO), a major cause of organ transplant loss.

Interventional Trials

Translating the science to the clinic is a crucial step in improving patient care. We are investigating the potential beneficial effect of belatacept conversion in proteinuric transplanted patients. We are also studying the use of low-dose IL-2 to induce tolerance post-transplantation.

Kidney Transplantation iBook

Ready to Revolutionize Transplant Teaching.

More than 200 original figures displayed in high-resolution, including graphs and illustrations. You may use the figures to review topics or for teaching during rounds.

The pathology chapter discusses the optimal approach in interpreting kidney transplant biopsies and illustrates common findings in different etiologies of graft dysfunction, including cellular/humoral rejection, drug toxicity and recurrent glomerular diseases.

Many now consider the kidney ultrasound the stethoscope of the nephrologist. You will have access to ultrasound images and photos illustrating how to perform and interpret a kidney transplant ultrasound. Images of common kidney allograft abnormalities are depicted.

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The TANGO study is an exciting project, which aims to create a large international network of centers to study glomerular disease (GN) recurrence after renal transplantation.

First publication summarizing the project: BMC Nephrology 2018

The GENIE study will evaluate the effectiveness of a dietary change (removal of gluten and dairy products from the diet) in patients with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome.

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