Kidney Transplantation eBook

Reviewed at the American Journal of Transplantation by Dr. John Gill, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (September 6th 2016).

“the Kidney Transplant iBook is an innovative platform that likely marks the beginning of the end of the traditional textbook”

“…what really sets this book apart is the interactive format”

Reviewed by #NephJC

“… a must-read for students, trainees, and clinicians who want a thorough teaching resource to learn and develop skills on renal transplant medicine”

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So fun, you won’t feel like reading a traditional book anymore

More than 200 original figures displayed in high-resolution, including graphs and illustrations. You may use the figures to review topics or for teaching during rounds.

Kidney transplant pathology slides at your fingertip

The pathology chapter discusses the optimal approach in interpreting kidney transplant biopsies and illustrates common findings in different etiologies of graft dysfunction, including cellular/humoral rejection, drug toxicity and recurrent glomerular diseases.

Stop listening and look

Many now consider the kidney ultrasound the stethoscope of the nephrologist. You will have access to ultrasound images and photos illustrating how to perform and interpret a kidney transplant ultrasound. Images of common kidney allograft abnormalities are depicted.

Histocompatibility becomes now understandable to everyone

Videos and illustrations will help demonstrate how histocompatibility assays are performed and how to interpret them in the setting of transplantation.

Learning with individual cases is always more fun…

Problem-based cases describe the thought processes, differential diagnosis and management of common conditions affecting kidney transplant recipients.

Reading does not equal learning

Test your knowledge and review key-points after each chapter!

Not enough?

Hyperlinks allow you to access with one-click key references on Pubmed.

Kidney Transplant iBook

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