Coronary artery calcium density for the prediction of mortality in CKD patients: One size does not fit all

The coronary artery calcium (CAC) score is a widely recognized

surrogate marker of coronary atherosclerosis, and its presence and

extent are associated with increased risk of incident cardiovascular

events and mortality [1]. In fact, CAC provides the most valuable

incremental value to predict future cardiovascular events beyond

clinical risk factors [2,3]. The prognostic value of CAC has been

validated in diverse populations across a wide spectrum of age,

gender, racial and ethnic background [1,4]. Additionally, the value

of CAC has also been extended to higher risk individuals, such as

diabetics [5] or those with chronic kidney disease (CKD) [6]…

Atherosclerosis. 2016 Jul;250:180-2. doi: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2016.05.016. Epub 2016 May 7. No abstract available.

Bittencourt MS, Riella LV.



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